• What information will I receive after the check for Plagiarism?

Plagiarism, in simple words, is copying and presenting someone’s idea and presenting it as your own. In fact, it is cheating as it is considered stealing and implicitly attacking one’s intellectual property. Both academic and occupational institutes are packed with rules and laws to stop copying of all kinds. Chances of duplication are relatively high in higher education institutes due to the pressure of the dissertation and research fulfillment which is an essential prerequisite to get a diploma or a degree. That is the very reason why most educational institutions have incorporated a free plagiarism checker for students as an important part of their academic system.

Speaking of copied content, Plagiarism Software is one of the most useful and convenient resources. This handy tool allows the detection of the content within only a few seconds. Once the text analysis is completed, you will get the following information:

  • Link: This is the link to the source where your content is matched. In other words, you have plagiarized from the given link.
  • Plagiarized:This is the score that shows the amount of possible duplication in the uploaded content. For example, 50% indicates that your content is 50 percent plagiarized.
  • Unique:Just like the plagiarism score, this is the uniqueness score. It shows the percentage of the uniqueness of the uploaded content. For example, 80% unique score means your content is 80 percent original.
  • Sources:All the matches will have an original source link. Sources allow you to go to the link of origin and have a look at the matched or plagiarized portion of your content.