• How can I deal with the plagiarism after I check my content with Plagiarism Software?

There are different ways in which you can deal with the plagiarism after making your content go through a plagiarism detecting software. You can either quote and properly cite the source or completely remove that text from your content. You can also edit the content which can help you to remove the plagiarized instances. For editing, you can also use a quality editing or rewriting tool.

Academic integrity is the core of the educational process. Plagiarism destabilizes learning process and the real purpose of educational institutes. It puts at stake the honor of the academic institute, the faculty, and the students. Prospective students highly value their perception of the reputation and integrity of the college or university they want to join. That is why, prevention and discouragement of plagiarism are very essential, and so is the use of plagiarism checker software.

In today’s world of technology, it isn’t surprising that students and professionals from all walks of life take ideas, thoughts, and other material without attribution. The stealing or copying has become easier than ever, you just press CTRL + C and then, CTRL + V, and you are done. Plagiarism Software is a web-based Google plagiarism checker that helps students, teachers, and writers to identify potentially plagiarized work efficiently in no time. With access to billions of online resources, Plagiarism Software takes commonly used file formats, or you can copy and paste the content directly into the text box, or you can even provide the URL of the content. Once a plagiarism is completed, this best free plagiarism checker will give you a report to easily compare suspected plagiarism.